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About US

We are a small Irish business with a big passion for sustainability. Did you know that Ireland is the highest producer of plastic waste per person in the EU and with Microplastics found in 90% of protected Irish marine environments
We believe single use plastic is a solvable problem at home, work and in our communities. To do our part, we founded Edible Cutlery Ireland, to encourage sustainable choices, drive conversations on reducing plastic use and to help create better habits that can collectively have an enormous impact on our environment and our future.
We firmly believe that together we can change the world, one spoon at a time.

Meet the Team 

Declan Keaney - Co-founder and Chief Cutlery Officer

Declan is a strategy consultant by day, spoon aficionado by night. Loves the outdoors and passionate about doing well by doing good. Enthusiastic in problem solving and in conversation. An optimist who believes we can innovate and take the right steps towards a more sustainable future. Based in Dublin, Ire

Caolan Cullen- Co Founder and Chief Creative Spooner

Caolan is an award winning entrepreneur with a keen eye for trends, ideas, and quality products. He started his first business at 21 and grew it to becoming ones of Ireland's leading ice cream companies. Caolan has a vision for a better future and all things environmental protection. Drawn from the inspiration of reducing the plastic usage from his own business, Caolan knew there had to be a better way in reducing plastic use and so Edible Cutlery Ireland was born. Energetic and passionate about the environment, food, nature, and all things aimed at creating a better and fairer future.

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First edible cups, now edible cutlery.. is this the way forward?